Web Design Programming Services

I always get a kick when I hear someone state that they need someone to program in HTML or that they are a HTML programmer. HTML is not a programming language. HTML is a markup language, used to create documents for display on the world wide web. In general, no programming is required to create static web pages.

HTML Forms

Some degree of programming is necessary to create dynamic web pages, web pages that change the way they look based on how the user interacts with the web page. The most prevalent example of a dynamic web page is known as a form and a form is used to gather specific information. Usually, a form is used by your customer to request additional information about a product or service. The "Contact Us" page on this website is an example of an HTML form.

Java Script

Java Script and it's Microsoft clone VBScript are the most common ways to add dynamic attributes to your web pages. The advantage is that basic error checking on the information supplied to your HTML form occurs without the need to reconnect to your website, streamlining the process for your customers and reducing the load on your web server.

Common uses include ensuring that some required information is submitted by your customers such as their email address or phone number and checking to make sure that the data provided makes some sense. For example, someone entering their name with all numerals is unlikely to merit serious attention by you for more information.

Java Script may also be used to alter the way a webpage is displayed. For example, premium content for your website may be displayed based on cookies, the time of day, and the position of the cursor. The possibilities are endless.


The Common Gateway Interface is perhaps the most common way to introduce dynamic web pages to your website. Most web form processing is accomplished using this interface. You will need some CGI programming if you want the forms on your website to populate a database, format and send multiple email messages, or engage in E-Commerce.

CGI programming is also a cost effective solution to the problem of adding weather forecasts from NOAA or reports from other public domain resources to your website.

If your quest for information requires more than one form, then using CGI programming offers the most flexible alternative because it does not depend on having a particular type of web server or configuration. This helps keep the additional fixed cost expenses to a minimum.

CGI programming has many competitors. Microsoft's ASP is very popular and for demanding applications Microsoft's Net applications are well regarded. Unix and Linux solutions tend to be better at ensuring security, but require a little more computer savvy than do the Microsoft solutions. In either case, deployment of such systems can easily exceed $100K per year, which prices them out of the reach of many small businesses.

Plugins and Widgets

More often than not, a modern website publishing system will have a myriad of off the shelf themes and plugins that you can use to roll your own website. This is an important concept for deploying responsive web designs. The availablity of off the shelf functionality elimintes much of the time consumed with software programming effort and pushes the design task into one of managing a number of software products to meet customer requirements.

With over a decade of software development experience, managing plugins and widgets is second nature.

Use the ports Luke, use the ports

To support all those plugins and widgets stands a forest of Open Source services and applications. All website tools are built on top of services and applications. PHP for publishing and management tools. Database servers and MX servers to deliver the mail. Most major support functionality is implemented behind the scenes directly on the server.

The progamming solutions to a great number of user applications for the Internet can be at your finger tips with a bit of high level intelligent programming. Yes, we use the ports. Again, decades of experience in the Open Source enviroment opens the gateway to 100s and 1000s of tools for your business to use.

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